Building Control Act

Building Control (Accessibility to and Facilities for Disabled Persons) Regulations 2005

[GN 118 of 2005 – 1 August 2005] [Section 34]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Building Control (Accessibility to and Facilities for Disabled Persons) Regulations 2005.

2. In these regulations –

"designated building" means any building used for the purposes specified in the First Schedule;

"disabled person" means a person with a physical impairment impeding him from having access to, and moving within, a building.

3. (1) Subject to paragraph (2), these regulations shall apply to every designated building which is –

 (a) a new building;

 (b) an existing building which is the object of extensive repairs, reconstructions, alterations or additions.

(2) The Council may direct the owner of any building, other than a designated building, to alter his building so that the building meets the requirements specified in the Second Schedule, and the owner of the building shall comply with the direction of the Council.

4. The owner of every building referred to in regulation 3 shall ensure that –

 (a) the building meets the requirements specified in the Second Schedule;

 (b) the International Symbol of Access for Disabled Persons set out in the Third Schedule is permanently and conspicuously displayed in the manner, and at the places, specified in that Schedule, in order to indicate that the facilities and structures specified in the Second Schedule are provided for in the building.




[Regulation 2]



Bus terminal

Cinema, theatre, stadium, or other place of public entertainment, with permanent seating arrangements

Conference centre

Court of Justice

Factory, workshop, or office building, in which more than 35 persons are working

Hospital, clinic, dispensary, nursing home or residential care home

Hotel or restaurant

Main area of worship in a religious building

Market place

Parking area capable of accommodating more than 25 vehicles

Post office

Public library

Public swimming pool

Public toilet

School, college or university

Shopping and multi-purpose complex

Social welfare and co

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