Chagossian Welfare Fund Act

Chagossian Trust Fund (Election of Members) Regulations 1982

[GN 291 of 1982 – 18 December 1982] [Section 11]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Chagossian Trust Fund (Election of Members) Regulations 1982.

2. In these regulations –

"Act" means the Chagossian Welfare Fund Act;

"returning officer" means a public officer designated by the Minister.

[Reg. 2 amended by reg. 3 of GN 32 of 1985 w.e.f. 16 March 1985.]

3. The 5 representatives of the Chagossian to be appointed by the Prime Minister under section 5(1)(g) of the Act shall be elected in the manner set out in these regulations.

4. The Board shall provide to the returning officer a list of all electors in alphabetical order for each centre where a poll is to be taken.

[Reg. 4 amended by reg. 4 of GN 32 of 1985 w.e.f. 16 March 1985.]

5. (1) Any person who wishes to stand as candidate shall, on such day and at such time and place as may be fixed by the Board with the approval of the returning officer, submit his candidature to the returning officer on a form obtainable from the Board.

(2) No person shall submit his candidature under paragraph (1) unless his candidature is supported by 25 Chagossians, above the age of 18, who shall affix their signature or mark on the form.

[Reg. 5 amended by reg. 5 of GN 32 of 1985 w.e.f. 16 March 1985.]

6. (1) Every Chagossians, who shall be above the age of 18, shall be entitled to vote for not more than 5 candidates.

(2) Every ballot paper –

 (a) on which votes are given to more than 5 candidates;

 (b) which does not bear the official mark; or

 (c) about which there is any uncertainty as to the vote,

shall be void and not counted.

7. The election shall be –

 (a) carried out by ballot;

 (b) conducted by the returning officer;

 (c) held at such place or places as the returning officer may d

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