Forests and Reserves Act

Forests and Reserves Regulations 1986

[GN 10 of 1986 – 8 February 1986] [Section 17]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Forests and Reserves Regulations 1986.

2. (1) Every dealer in wood shall keep a register in which shall be entered detailed particulars relating to any wood delivered or sold to him.

(2) The register shall be –

 (a) in such form as may the Minister may approve;

 (b) produced, on demand, to an authorised officer, forest officer or police officer.


Wood Exploitation Licence Regulations 1992

[GN 110 of 1992 – 18 July 1992] [Section 17]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Wood Exploitation Licence Regulations 1992.

2. In these regulations –

"licence" means a licence issued under regulation 4 and set out in the First Schedule.

3. No person shall exploit timber, poles or firewood for commercial purposes from State-owned lands unless he holds a licence issued by the Minister.

4. (1) Any person who wishes to obt

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