National Library Act

National Library Regulations 1997

[GN 170 of 1997 – 13 November 1997] [Section 17]

1. These regulations may be cited as the National Library Regulations 1997.

2. (1) Subject to paragraph (2), every printer shall deposit with the Director 6 copies of –

 (a)  the whole of any book printed by him in Mauritius;

 (b) any subsequent edition of a book referred to in paragraph (1), whether the book is in hard cover, in pocket format, in braille, in tape or disc, or in the form of a talking book.

(2) Where a book is printed in a deluxe edition and a trade edition simultaneously, the printer shall deposit one deluxe edition together with 5 trade edition copies.

(3) Every subsequent edition of a book shall be produced with any addition or alteration, whether in letterpress, lithography, xerography (printed electronically), inkjet printing, electrostatic gravure, flexography or screen process printing.

(4) Every printer shall, together with every book referred to in paragraph (1), deposit with the Director all maps, prints or other engravings pertaining to the book, finished and coloured in the same manner as the best copies of the book.

(5) Every printer shall, within 30 days after the day on which a book first issues from the press, deposit with the Director the copies of that book –

 (a) irrespective of whether the first edition of the book has been produced before or after the commencement of these regulations;

 (b) notwithstanding any other agreement between the printer and the publisher.

(6) Every publisher or other person employing a printer shall, within 30 days from the day on which a book first issues from the press, supply the printer with finished and coloured maps, prints, and engravings in order to enable the printer to comply with paragraph (4).

(7) Every printer shall ensure that the copy of a book deposited with the

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