Prevention of Terrorism Act

Prevention of Terrorism (Special Measures) Regulations 2003

[GN 14 of 2003 – 25 January 2003] [Sections 6(2), 10(6) and 33]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Prevention of Terrorism (Special Measures) Regulations 2003.

2. In these regulations –

"Act" means the Prevention of Terrorism Act;

"central bank" means the Bank of Mauritius established under the Bank of Mauritius Act;

"Commission" means the Financial Services Commission established under the Financial Services Act;

"Committee" means the Committee established pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1267(1999);

"financial or other related services" means the services specified in the Schedule;

"funds" –

(a) means assets of every kind, whether tangible of intangible, movable or immovable, however acquired, and legal documents or instruments in any form including electronic or digital, including title to, or interest in, such assets, including, but not limited to, bank credit, travellers cheques, bank cheques, money orders, shares, securities, bonds drafts, letters of credit;

(b) does not include funds and other financial assets or economic resources that have been determined the Minister to be –

 (i) necessary for basic expenses, including payments for foodstuffs, rent or mortgage, medicines and medical treatment, taxes, insurance premiums, and public utility charges or exclusively for payment of reasonable professional fees and reimbursement of incurred expenses associated with the provision of legal services, or fees or service charges for routine holding or maintenance of frozen funds, other financial asset

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