Sports Act

Sports (Sport Federations) Regulations 2000

[GN 34 of 2000 – 18 February 2000] [section 27]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Sports (Sport Federations) Regulations 2000.

2. In these regulations –

"Act" means the Sports Act.

3. Every Sport Federation shall ensure that every Regional Committee –

(a) has the name of its region as part of its name;

(b) admits its members and elects its managers in such a way that no person is disqualified or ineligible by reason of race, community, caste, creed or colour;

(c) conducts its business so that it does not foster any ill-feeling towards a section of the community;

(d) has three quarters or more of its members of the Managing Committee as resident in the appropriate region.

4. A Sport Federation shall not keep on its roll a sports club –

(a) which has, before 18 January 2002, practised a team sport in the highest division of the national championship, unless that spo

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