Stage Plays Act

Stage Plays Regulations 1951

[GN 143 of 1951 – 14 July 1951] [Section 12]

1. Short title

These regulations may be cited as the Stage Plays Regulations 1951.


2. Meeting of Board

The Board shall meet from time to time as the Chairperson may determine.

3. (1) Any person who wishes to stage a play in public shall make a written application to the Chairperson in the form set out in the First Schedule.

(2) An application under paragraph (1) shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

(3) The fee shall be, in relation to a play to be staged –

 (a) to a paying audience by an association or group for commercial purposes, 1,500 rupees;

 (b) to a paying audience by a registered youth club, cultural or religious association, 600 rupees;

 (c) exclusively to a non-paying audience, 300 rupees.

[Reg. 3 revoked and replaced by reg. 3 of GN 42 of 1976 w.e.f. 10 April 1976; reg. 3 of GN 44 of 1978 w.e.f. 4 March 1978; reg. 3 of GN 50 of 1986 w.e.f. 14 June 1986; reg. 3 of GN 71 of 1994 w.e.f. 23 April 1974; reg. 3 of GN 29 of 1999 w.e.f. 1 April 1999.]

4. Consideration of stage play by Board

Before determining the application, the Chairperson may require the whole or any part of any stage play to be presented or performed in a building approved by the Chairperson for consideration by the Board.

5. Presence of producer or impresario during the presentation of a stage play

The producer of a stage play or the impresario of a theatrical company shall –

(a) attend the presentation or performance of the stage play in presence of the Board;

(b) comply with the instructions of the Board regarding any part of the stage play, amendments in dialogues and the way in which such part is acted.

6. Issuing of certificates

(1) The Chairperson shall sign the certificates authorising the presentation or performance of stage plays.

(2) A certificate shall be issued in the form set out in the Second Schedule.

(3) Where the Board considers that –

 (a) a certificate for the presentation or performance of any stage play may issue; but

 (b) the presentation or performance of such stage play before young persons may not be advisable,

the certificate shall be endorsed accordingly.

(4) Every certificate shall bear the serial number of the stage play and the year of issue prefixed by any of the following letters –

A – unrestricted;

B – unsuitable for young persons;

C – rejected.

7. Fees payable to censors

(1) (a) Subject to subparagraph (b) and paragraph (4), the Chairperson shall, in respect of every attendance at a censorship sitting, be paid a fee of 450 rupees.

(b) The aggregate fee payable in any one month under subparagraph (a) shall not exceed 1,800 rupees.

(2) (a) Subject to subparagraph (b) and paragraph (4), every member of the Board shall, in respect of every attendance at a censorship sitting, be paid a fee of
300 rupees.

(b) The aggregate fee payable to a member in

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