Statistics Act

Census Regulations 2011

[GN 62 of 2011 – 23 April 2011] [Section 9]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Census Regulations 2011.

2. In these regulations –

"enumerator" means a person who is in charge of an enumeration area;

"household" –

(a) means 2 or more persons, whether related or not, who have common housekeeping arrangements; and

(b) includes any person living by himself in a dwelling house;

"prescribed person" means any person, specified in the second column of the First Schedule, who is required to make a return in relation to the class of persons specified in the first column of that Schedule;

"return" means the return specified in the Second Schedule;

"supervisor" means a person who is in charge of one or more census districts.

3. The Director shall prepare –

(a) a scheme for the division of –

 (i) Mauritius into census districts;

 (ii) every census districts into enumeration areas;

(b) a census map showing the delimitation of every census district and enumeration area.

4. The Director shall, for the purpose of the census, appoint such enumerators and supervisors as he may determine.

5. (1) The Central Statistics Office shall be –

 (a) responsible for the taking of the census; and

 (b) the central office of the census for receiving returns.

(2) The Director may, for the purpose of the census, appoint one or more branch offices in every census district.

6.  Every person in respect of whom no return has been made on the night of census day shall –

(a) attend the office provided for in respect of the enumeration area where he spent the night of census day;

(b) if necessary make a return in respect of himself, with the assistance of the enumerator.

7. Every prescribed person shall –

(a) answer such questions as may be put to him by the enumerator;

(b) give to the enumerator such information as he may require for the performance of his duties.

8. Every enumerator shall, in the course of the day following census day, or as soon as possible thereafter, complete all returns assigned to him, and at the time of data collection –

(a) after making such inquiries as may be reasonably required, examine every return to satisfy himself that the entries in the return are complete;

(b) make, in every return, such correction as he may consider necessary.

9. Every enumerator shall –

(a) scrutinise the return for any error or omission which was not apparent at the time of data collection;

(b) where necessary, make inquiries from the prescribed person in order to correct any error or cure any omission which appears in the return of that person;

(c) deliver the return to his supervisor not later than 15 days after census day.

10. Every supervisor –

(a) shall examine all the returns forwarded to him by the enumerator;

(b) shall correct any error or cure any omission which appears in the return of a prescribed person;

(c) may, for the purpose of correcting any error or curing any omission which appears in the return of a prescribed person, require an enumerator to once again visit the prescribed person.

11. Any person who contravenes these regulations shall commit an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding 20,000 rupees and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year.



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