Unemployment Hardship Relief Act

Unemployment Hardship Relief Regulations 1983

[GN 43 of 1983 – 2 January 1983] [Section 10]

1. These regulations may be cited as the Unemployment Hardship Relief Regulations 1983.

2. In these regulations –

"Act" means the Unemployment Hardship Relief Act;

"approved form" means a form approved by the Minister;

"citizen" means a citizen of Mauritius;

"income" means income derived from any source;

"premises" –

(a) means any place where the Visiting Officer has reason to believe that a person –

 (i) is or has been employed;

 (ii) derives or has derived any income; and

(b) includes a dwelling house;

"Visiting Officer" means a public officer designated as such by the Minister.

3. (1) Every claimant shall register for employment at such place and times and in such manner as the Minister may determine.

(2) Every claimant shall submit his claim to the Awarding Officer for determination.

(3) The claim shall be made on an approved form, at such place and time as the Minister may determine.

(4) The determination of the Awarding Officer under paragraph (2) shall be communicated in writing to the claimant.

(5) Where the Awarding Officer is satisfied that there has been –

 (a) a material change in the circumstances of the claimant; or

 (b) a mistake relating to a material fact,

he shall amend his determination and any amended determination, together with the reason, shall be communicated in writing to the claimant.

[Reg. 3 amended by reg. 3 of GN 57 of 1986 w.e.f. 28 June 1986; Rp. 6 of 1986 w.e.f. 30 August 1986.]

4. (1) Where hardship relief is to be paid to a claimant, the Minister shall specify –

 (a) the place at which;

 (b) the time and day of the month on which;

 (c) the manner in which,

the payment of the relief shall be made.

(2) No hardship relief shall be paid to a claimant –

 (a) otherwise than in accordance with paragraph (1);

 (b) unless he reports every month at such place and

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